Mission Statement

Out of the depths of the Spicket River, an idea was spawned. The Spicket River, the vein that flows through the heart of Lawrence, is the lifeblood of Spicket River Brewery. One that transfuses revitalization into our city.

We strive to turn negative perceptions of our home into a positive wave; creating a safe haven for all people from all walks of life. We ally ourselves with local non profits in order to help clean, restore, and protect the rivers and waterways.

Our goal is to create a clean environment, a prosperous ecosystem, and a community in which people can come together to enjoy premium, quality beer. Beer which is crafted by a coalition of local artists. Artists who strive to build better together! Remember: Clean Water, Better Beer, and always Sip the Spicket!


Years of experience


Successful Brews





About us

We believe in the motto of "clean water means better beer", so in addition to producing high quality beer, we've taken an active role in the cleaning of local rivers and trails.


We have built strong ties to the community through partnerships with non-profits such as the Clean River Project and Groundworks Lawrence.


Spicket River Brewery strives to be patrons of the arts. Our office space doubles as an art studio, as we provide space and collaborate with local artists of all types; from painters to builders, from graphic designers to street graffiti artists. We give these talented artists the space and freedom they need to flourish.

What our guests say

"This beer is PHENOMENAL "


- Beer Guy, Guys Who Likes Beer

"A fantastic spot for hanging out. The beers

are excellent and the atmosphere is really fun. Everyone there is super cool and really

helpful and attentive. GOOOOOO!!!!

Support a great local business! "


- Justin Termini

"Solid brewery. Beers were surprisingly good and had their own spin. Nice outdoor space, plenty of seating inside and out."


- Steven Dube

"Really nice spot, parking was really easy to find and the atmosphere inside is very lively. My favorite beer is The Infamous but the Good Nose was really good too"


- Eidon Cruz

"Such a cool spot! The beer was good my favorite was the bodega Juice. Infamous and agua fresca were good also.If you are indecisive you can try all of them for 12 dollars.The food is a bit pricey for the portions but the monster wings were so good! I also enjoyed the pretzel,waffles fries and eggrolls with the wasabi sauce. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun they have games and they will play what ever music you request. There's lots of cool artwork on the walls wich you can buy. I will definitely be returning. The only critique beside the pricey (delicious)food is they need a bit more seating but overall this place is great! They also have a private function room for parties."


- Callef Reyes

"Let’s get jiggy up in here!"


- John Nix

"Great beer and ambiance"


- Ethan Davis

"The perfect place to be this fall!!
Delicious beers, and great atmosphere."


- D. Lys